Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please beg....rather than.....levy charges!

Meaningless "Charge levying" by Banks

I have opened a Kiddy Bank account in the name of my grand daughter in 2015 with our Rustumbada Branch. Actually, the Date of opening was 18-08-2015. 

For the last one year, I have not received a single SMS from 18-08-2015 onwards, regarding that account!

Suddenly, this message is received.
 "Rs.17/- is debited in a/c XX0797 on 13-09-2016 towards Qtrly SMS alert charges..........."!

I want to know--What & where is the justification for such charges?

The Bank launched "Mobile Banking Service" around 15 years ago, amid much fanfare & hungama, even when the Bank was only using LSI software. 

Under mobile Banking service, the SMS alerts were started only 7 years ago, after migrating to "Finnacle" which is limited to inform about any transaction in the account to the account holder. It was absolutely free.....till now!

The SMS alert is based on the Customer ID and all accounts with that ID are linked to that Mobile number. 

Then, why such charges are levied in one account, without any advance information to the clients?

I demand that the charges are reversed immediately and action be taken against those responsible for such state of affairs.

Do it now!

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