Friday, July 8, 2011

The Powerful Man (Or)


Yesterday, after my usual afternoon siesta, a thought flashed in my mind and I have implemented it immediately. 
That is--I have dialled our Prime Minister's Office. 
After several rings, a lower rung employee I think, answered and took my bio-data etc., besides requiring me to say the "purpose" of the call. 
I answered 'I wish to invite him for Tea at my residence......and.....' 
Bang came the reply, 'you may ring back in the year 2014 if........' 
'No no.....Don't cut the line. Actually, I was going to ask him 'How many masks does he use daily and what are they. And whether I have to apply for the answers through RTI Act?'! 
The man at the other end guffaed and said, "For that there is no need to apply at all. I can give you a straight answer. He wears only 2 masks. One gives a feeling that he is listening patiently to whatever his visitors are saying. The second gives a feeling that he is grim faced, listening seriously, and giving a thought to whatever is being said by the others". 
"May I invite you for lunch so that......." I was trying to extract some more information from him.
"Not necessary" he replied "Exactly one minute before the appointment comes to a close, his PA rings a silent bell which is heard by the PM only. He 'wakes up' and sees the visitors out!". 
"So, that is the secret behind his working more than 18 hours a Day, without batting an eyelid, unlike Deve Gowda!" I chuckled and profusely thanked him. 
My wife was gently touching my hand and saying, "why should you thank me so much for waking you up?" 
Alas! The Dream was complete!