Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Never Insure your Health with.......

Beware of Max Bupa (health insurance co)

I want to put on record that this Company is the Worst provider of Health Insurance. 

They did not settle my 2 claims until the Insurance Ombudsman has rapped on its knuckles! (The ombudsman himself was helpless to award the Token Compensation of Rs.5,00,000/- claimed by me for the wrongful denial of my claims, quoting the Act. Will the I R D A do something?)

Even after that, I was a fool to have renewed my policy with them in March 2014 but I have not received the original Policy & other related documents etc. till now, even after reminding them through several e-mails. 

Now they are feeling shy to issue their advertisements through their Official Web Site & their e-mail addresses!!

They are issuing advertisements through some "" etc.!!!

Please keep distance from such Companies & be safe from being duped!!!!!.

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Mention the name of the Company so that people shall be careful. With the clue you have given I tried to get the name but in vain.